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What You’ll Learn

What You’ll Learn

During Your 12-Week Program

There is NO prior cooking or kitchen knowledge required to succeed in FoodWorks. Our chefs will start with the basics—how to hold a knife properly and teaching about all of the kitchen tools a chef uses–and help you progress to more advanced topics like flavor profiles and scaling recipes up or down.

You’ll also graduate with ServSafe certifications in Food Safety and Advance Food Handling Techniques—qualifications that can separate you from the competition and open even more career paths. And what chef would be complete without life skills? We’ll help you learn how to resolve conflict, manage a staff, and be able to communicate with all parts of the house.


Your 12-week FoodWorks Journey is Broken Down to Three Mini Semesters:

Week 1-4:
The Basics

Starting with safety and sanitation (Food Handler Certificate is a pre-requisite to working in the kitchen) students will be also introduced to:

  • (our online hybrid program)
  • Knife identification/Professional knife handling skills
  • Kitchen math
  • How to read and develop recipes
  • Baking basics
  • Sauce secrets
  • Building flavor profiles/Palate development
  • Commercial kitchen equipment

Weeks 5-8:
A Deeper Dive

In the middle portion of the program, students will add to their skill sets as they learn to:

  • Identify fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Employ moist heat, dry heat, and combination cooking techniques
  • Craft soups, mother sauces, and stocks
  • Work with pastas, legumes, and grains
  • Fabricate meats, poultry, and seafood

Weeks 9-12:
Refining Your Skill Set

Students spend the final four weeks fine-tuning their well-rounded skill set by:

  • Earning ServSafe Manager Certification
  • Learning about managing the Front of the house
  • Furthering their competence working with proteins
  • Exploring Breakfast cookery
  • Learning the science of baking
  • Crafting desserts
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Meets You Where You Are

Ready to get to work? We’ll help you overcome any barriers to your success.

How it Works
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Supports Your Career Goals

We’ll help you find full-time work, then make sure your growth stays on track for a lifetime of success.

Where You’ll Thrive
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Getting You Hired

We really do have your back when it comes to resources.

Job Resources

Make FoodWorks Work for You!

Whether you are a prospective student interested in changing your life or an employer looking for your next kitchen superstar, FoodWorks has you covered!