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Training Program

Launch your cooking career

Since 2010, FoodWorks has been changing Maryland for the better, one chef at a time.

When we drew together the worlds of cooking, job training, and food assistance more than a decade ago by launching a culinary training program at Maryland Food Bank headquarters in Baltimore County, we knew it would help us do more for our neighbors in need.

And since that time, we’ve doubled our capacity in the Baltimore area, while expanding to the Eastern Shore at Salisbury’s Wor-Wic Community College.

The majority of FoodWorks graduates earn more than $15 per hour, Maryland’s current minimum wage.

The skills you need to succeed in any kitchen

FoodWorks’ 12-week, intensive curriculum focuses on both professional and intra-personal skills, producing well-rounded, professional chefs capable of making an impact in any culinary setting. In addition to learning basic knife and cooking techniques, students earn ServSafe® manager and food handling certifications — highly desirable qualifications that can be the difference-maker in getting hired.

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Meets You Where You Are

Ready to get to work? We’ll help you overcome any barriers to your success.

How it Works
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Gives You the Tools

ServSafe® Food Handler and Manager certifications, plus professional and personal skills to help you thrive.

What You’ll Learn
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Supports Your Career Goals

We’ll help you find full-time work, then make sure your growth stays on track for a lifetime of success.

Where You’ll Thrive
Cierra Dickerson

“The life lessons helped me personally and professionally by helping me with time management, being strong-minded, and learning how to be positive in the kitchen.”

Cierra Dickerson Eastern Shore, Class 1

Making careers in any kitchen

FoodWorks graduates have the unique ability to combine the knife and life skills learned during their 12-week session into a profile desirable in any culinary setting.

FoodWorks chefs thrive in settings ranging from the Baltimore County Public School System and Centerplate Catering, to Phillips Seafood and the Guinness Brewery—some even choose to come back and work with future FoodWorks chefs in the Charles T. Bauer Community Kitchen at our Baltimore headquarters.

Liz Edna Askins

Liz Askins

Otterbein’s Bakery – Baltimore County Class #8

The Right Chemistry for a Career in Baking

For Liz Askins, FoodWorks helped her overcome personal challenges, while transforming her passion for cooking for family and friends into a rewarding career at Otterbein’s Cookies in Baltimore. She was deep in a depression over losing her father, and withdrawing from activities, when the bishop at her church (knowing about her true passion) suggested she change things up and enroll in FoodWorks.

Liz earned her Chef’s Toque, ServSafe certifications and professional knife set, graduating FoodWorks in December 2022. Today, Liz is a proud baker at Otterbein’s Cookies in Baltimore and is still close with many of her fellow graduates. They continue to meet regularly to check-in and support one another.

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Upcoming events

From job fairs to cooking demos and more, FoodWorks is always cooking something up.

The first ingredient in a successful culinary career is… YOU!